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Kendrick Lamar vs Drake: Beware of the false prophets

Mail Guardian South Africa 18 May 2024
While that is hardly a majority, the more hardline views of black nationalists seem to consistently find a receptive vessel in some of the nation’s most talented public figures, figures who also ...

Macklemore rages against Israel’s Gaza genocide

Mail Guardian South Africa 12 May 2024
Grammy-winning rapper Macklemore this week became the first high-profile artist to not only speak out against Israel’s war on Gaza but also release a powerful song ... The Macklemore song has gone viral on social media.

Macklemore calls out President Joe Biden with viral pro-Palestine protest song called 'Hind's Hall'

Business Insider 11 May 2024
Macklemore ... Macklemore wrote on Instagram that he would donate all proceeds from the song, which has received more than 1.6 million views on YouTube so far, to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

Hind's Hall: Macklemore's song for Palestine is now on streaming platforms

The National 11 May 2024
There are no streaming figures available, but the audio video has had more than 500,000 views on YouTube and the clip announcing the song has had 1.5 million views ... Read More ... Macklemore later called for an immediate ceasefire.

US Presidential candidate Cornel West on Israel Hamas war, greedy ruling class and Biden vs Trump

Channel 4 10 May 2024
US Presidential candidate Dr Cornel West is a philosopher and prominent advocate for social and racial justice ... to “dismantle the American empire” ... Produced by Silvia Maresca. Listen and subscribe.

Macklemore Performs Pro-Hamas, Anti-Biden Song at New Zealand Concert

Breitbart 09 May 2024
Grammy-winning rapper Macklemore has expressed solidarity with ...

Macklemore Leads ‘Free Palestine’ Chant After Performing New Anti-Israel Song in New Zealand

The Algemeiner 09 May 2024
Macklemore performs at Alcatraz Milan on May 3, 2023 in Milan, Italy ... Macklemore ... Images of the Palestinian flag were projected across the stadium in Wellington as Macklemore performed Hind’s Hall.

Macklemore pro-Palestine song faces YouTube 'shadow ban'

The New Arab 09 May 2024
"That said, I can say that I think the reason for the disproportionate targeting is that this a hot-button issue and so the video is being reported more than others." ... Macklemore performs in New Zealand.

Culture Bites: The significance of Macklemore’s Palestine solidarity track

The National 09 May 2024
The hosts also talk about the new hit Bollywood series on Netflix ....

Macklemore performs pro-Palestine song for first time at New Zealand concert

The Guardian 09 May 2024
Hind’s Hall pays tribute to US campus protesters while condemning Israel’s campaign in Gaza The US rapper Macklemore has ...

Macklemore Stands With Pro-Palestine Protesters, Calls Out Biden in New Song

The Hollywood Reporter 08 May 2024
Macklemore has released a new song, praising pro-Palestinian college protesters and calling out President Biden amid the ongoing war in Gaza ... Macklemore also addresses President Joe Biden directly.

Macklemore sets the capital alight with first live performance of pro-Palestine Hinds Hall

Stuff 08 May 2024
Review. We are the first audience in the world to hear his one-day-old ode to US students’ protests against the war live. It feels momentous ....

Why are YouTube and Meta restricting Macklemore’s new pro-Palestine song ‘Hind’s Hall?’

The Daily Dot 08 May 2024
Rapper Macklemore released "Hind's Hall" yesterday, a pro-Palestinian song in support of college student protest encampments ... More than 34,000 Palestinians have died in Israeli airstrikes since Hamas' October 7 ... A post shared by BEN (@macklemore).